Struggling with your emotional reactions?

You feel that knot in your stomach . . . again!



Your Emotions Can Feel Overwhelming

Does this sound familiar?

    • Anxiety makes you feel trapped

    • You feel fear of unknown

    • You’re frustrated with loved ones

    • Struggle with feelings of guilt

    • Mind starts racing with worries

    • Asking for help feels really difficult

    • You feel like screaming at others then feel bad

    • You have digestive and intestinal issue

What’s worse is . . . you can’t seem to escape it.

The consequences are frustrating. You want to isolate yourself from others and avoid situations and people. You feel alone.

You have medical problems that have no known origin, baffling you and the doctors.

You stay so busy with work so much that you have little time for real friendships.

Sleep is challenging. You just feel tired all the time.

You know it’s affecting your business success.

You worry what others will think and “people please” but you can’t seem to stop.


You’re frustrated because you’re there for others, but others aren’t there for you.

Even if they were, you feel guilty asking for help or burdening others.

That makes you feel even more frustrated and anxious.

It’s like your emotions are in charge of your life instead of you.

What we’re doing is not working

In our current approach, we see . . .

Anxiety and other emotional reactions as a disorder, we must fight them.

We pathologize them, try to keep them in control.

We use talk therapy to fix or medicate, silence them

Our current methods focus on fighting, seeing your emotions as the enemy.

Have you ever trained a puppy?

Fighting poor behavior never works.

Are you ready for the new method?

Anxiety and other emotional reactions are your friends. They are showing up because they’re trying to warn you. They think you’re not safe, but warning you for false reasons.

Your brain is misfiring and sending signals to activate fight / flight.

Your brain created a pattern of conditioned responses based on life experiences, often from childhood, and it’s stuck in a loop of false information.

Until you get to the root and fix it, it will never change.

Your brain is like a puppy and needs retraining.

It needs you to be patient, to slow down, to listen, and to train it properly.

Take the time to hear what your brain is doing, why it’s doing it, and then retraining it.


That’s the new way. Are you ready?

#1 thing that will change it

Rewiring your brain.

Connecting to your system

Practice, practice, practice!

The answer is in your brain

It’s all about training

You can’t be mad at your brain if you’re not willing to do the work

[Just like you can’t be mad at your puppy for peeing on the floor if you haven’t put in training time]

No amount of understanding what’s happening will change it.

You can’t think your way though this.

You must regularly practice the skills.

You’ve tried to do this alone, now let’s do this together:

Each week, you’ll have access to 2 hours of brain training (Tuesdays at 7 pm EST and Thursdays at 8 am EST)
That’s 8 hours of support per month, led by me ($1600 value)
This is an online group setting, so maintaining privacy and safety is my top priority (priceless)
You will learn tips, techniques, tricks, and strategies ($160 value)
Then we will do a skill or technique together as practice ($800 value)
Your commitment will literally change your brain (priceless)

Imagine a life without debilitating anxiety and emotional overwhelm

There will be a time for Q & A for all your questions ($160 value)
You also get an opportunity for personalized laser coaching (available upon request) ($200 value)

Be a member of my private Facebook group for ongoing support (priceless)


As a VIP member, you get free access to selected paid classes offered throughout the year ($150 value)

Here’s the best part

You can trial this completely risk free, for the first two weeks. You have 14 days to cancel for a 100% full refund.
That would be 4 hours of brain training and this is what it will do for you:
One (1) hour of brain training will slow your brain down enough to start healing and get to the root of your emotional reactions.
Healing will happen “behind the scenes”, all you have to do is slow it down so your brain and system can reorganize.

Studies reveal that a regular practice of these skills increases grey matter in your brain.

It’s proven ~ a 50 year old person can have the brain of a 25 year old



Your brain has a natural intelligence, it knows what it needs to do to heal.

Build consistency and you give your brain the gift of healing.


Stop following the masses, stop the madness

It’s time to settle your brain and explore living your life from a whole new perspective


It’s a no-brainer

Investment is only

$97 per month


with a 14 day money back guarantee

and $97 recurring every month thereafter

Cancel anytime with a 30 day notice required


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Since this is online, how private and confidential will it be?

All calls will be done through zoom. I will be running the whole thing so there is nothing you need to do, unless you want to. You are free to shut off your camera and even change your name, to maintain anonymity. It is totally up to you how much or little you wish to participate. The purpose is to provide space for you to slow down your brain and relax.

What if I miss a class?

No problem, the teaching and meditation part of the class will be recorded. You can come back to it whenever you have time. However, the Q&A and any personalized laser coaching will not be recorded to protect the confidentiality of the group and sharing.

If it doesn’t work for me, can I cancel?

Yes. We realize that no matter how great something might be, it is not for everyone. It may not be a good fit or simply just bad timing. If you wish to cancel, there is a 30-day email notice required and it that’s it.

What if I get emotional during a call?

That is normal and a good thing. The practice of slowing down your brain helps your body relax. When you do this, it is common to have a release of energy and emotion. Breathe with it and remind yourself you are in a safe space. If you want to understand your reaction more, you can ask during the call or email me separately at

Do I need to download anything to attend class?

No. The link to the zoom call and password to access will be provided once you register. Click that and you will be sent directly to the classroom. All you need is a device to access it. You don’t’ even need audio or video, if you choose to just listen to the call.

Do I have to join the Facebook group?

No. The private Facebook group is optional support. It’s a great way to get to know others and find support, but it is not a requirement.

Is this program ongoing or does it end?

This is an ongoing monthly program. It will only end if you decide to cancel and discontinue participating.

Do you want to finally feel in control of your life,

instead of your emotions controlling you?


“Her unique style helped me resolve issues that other coaches were not able to help me with”

Vicki Beauty

“She helped pull me out of layers upon layers of untrue stories I told myself for as long as I can remember”

Shannon Farrell

“Working with Britta was one of the most impactful experiences of my life”

Emily Backe

“The techniques Britta used got to the root of my challenges and began my process of truly healing”


“Britta is trustworthy, honest, and thoroughly loves helping others. She provides evidence-based steps to overcome life’s challenges”

Michel Keck-Bauer

Register today and let the training begin

Settle your Brain


This is sacred space to heal δ