The Truth About Anxiety

Rethinking how we approach anxiety
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Hi, I’m Britta

Many women are crippled with anxiety and self-doubt. Despite the messages out there, we still feel misunderstood and alone. I believe the reason is we’re not getting to the root of the problem. 


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Here’s a little known secret that will change how you see anxiety.

The dominant messages we teach about anxiety are that it’s something you need to “deal” with. It must be coped with, managed, controlled, or fixed. Our entire approach gives the impression of a battle, creating a picture of you against your anxiety.

With this well-meaning advice, you seek relief. You read books and listen to podcasts, trying to make it better, but you still struggle.

What if we’re looking at it wrong? What if your anxiety is a gift?

Consider this.

Anxiety is your body telling you things are out of balance. When you look at anxiety through the lens of a friend trying to keep you safe, it changes everything.

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