A Journey from Self-Abandonment to Self-Love

Are you sick of feeling like something is missing but can’t figure out what?

Here are the devastating facts about what your mom didn’t teach you. By middle school, you silenced your voice and learned to not make waves

But when you silence yourself, you implode inside

It’s your natural rhythm of being a woman. You must feel seen and heard. In fact, the pain of silence eventually builds in your system and creates a pressure. At some point, you need to feel heard

So you finally speak up

But you do it apologetically, feeling so uncomfortable that it often doesn’t go well. So you try another approach

You become aggressive in an effort to make sure you’re heard

Sure, that approach may get results, but the consequences are painful. You hurt relationships, maybe end up feeling guilty, or a sense of feeling lost and disconnected

The weight of that pattern is heavy

It starts a whole host of chatter in your head. You’re trying to make sense of it but eventually get confused, overwhelmed, and shut down

So you go shopping

or eat ice cream

or whatever your method of relief is

It’s okay, I’ve been there 😉

You’ve been lied to

You’re trying to do the “right” things but it’s still not working

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results” ~ Albert Einstein

This keeps you on a never ending cycle of pain and confusion. At some point, you struggle to sleep and have medical issues or anxiety with no real origin. You ruminate about things and tend to feel guilty

To stop that train, you distract yourself with work, friends, planning and events, and keep “busy”

The truth is . . .

You learned to “perform” so others will accept you, and that is the ultimate form of self-abandonment

There is so much going on underneath that it’s taking a toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. What’s really happening is this . . .

You have not learned what self-love looks like

Here’s the thing, you have a powerful voice that needs to be heard and understood. Whether it’s within your small circle of friends and loved ones or out in the world

You are meant to speak up and share value

When you speak from your powerless voice, the voice that distorts things and keeps you guessing, you become silenced, even when you speak. You are powerless to make any real changes in your life and relationships

When you speak from your powerful voice, miracles happen

It’s the still, small intuitive voice inside of you. It’s already there and it’s dying to speak up and be heard

Join me on a journey of your heart

Radical Heart Connection Group Program

Are you ready?

Here are the details:

7 Week Online Group Program

Beginning Monday, July 19, 2021

from 6 pm to 8 pm EST

This program is designed to help you learn what self-love really looks like. You will develop a deeper heart connection within yourself and your relationships

This group program includes:

~ A step-by-step process to get to the heart of what is missing and how to create the connections and relationships you desire

~ Teachings are provided with each module for you to download and keep for your personal library. Teachings include:

Module 1 – Discover Your Beauty:

In childhood, you learned unhealthy ideas about yourself, often over-doing and not asking for what you need. This teaching will get you reacquainted with the inner beauty of who you really are as a woman

Module 2 – Deepen Your Intuition:

You have an intuition that is speaking to you but being in the habit of emotional overwhelm or shutting down, you are unable to listen. This teaching delves into why you know what you need to do but struggle to do it. You will learn your patterns and shift them

Module 3 – Strengthen Your Confidence:

Once you begin this journey, your confidence will become shaky. This teaching will help you understand the nature of self-confidence, self-esteem, and how it plays out in your life, setting you up for better success

Module 4 – New Relationship Normal:

As you are growing, your relationships will change as you face different reactions from others. This teaching will help you navigate those changes while maintaining your new way of doing things

Module 5 – Expect the Unexpected:

With change comes unexpected upsets, both within yourself and with others. Grief is the natural process of change as you feel thrown off and lost. This teaching will give you the tools to manage anything or anyone that shows up

Module 6 – Celebrate the New You:

You have worked hard to get here. This teaching will share in the fruits of your labor. You will get connected to the new person you have become and consider where you go from here. It is a time of celebration!

~ Course worksheets in PDF format with questions and exercises to promote insight and growth, yours to keep

~ 7 weeks of online group teachings

~ Learn various techniques to help emotionally ground you (including tapping, meditation, visualization, and more)

~ Online Facebook group to support learning

~ One-on-one coaching support also available (sold separately)

The investment is only $397


* Guided meditation audio

* Tapping (EFT) audio for daily practice

(tapping will be taught during this program)

(all available for download)