Coaching Terms and Conditions



Britta Neinast is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who designs programs to help clients develop and implement strategies, creating greater satisfaction and improvement in their lives and relationships, both personally and professionally. She does this by offering coaching programs and face-to-face and/or online coaching sessions. Coaching is not therapy and Coach is not providing therapy under this agreement.

Scope of Services
Through an interactive and collaborative process, she provides advice, psychoeducation, and feedback in an effort to pursue strategies and solutions designed to move clients toward meeting their personal and professional goals. She respects, acknowledges, and protects the vulnerability and confidentiality of each client, while at the same time holding clients to high standards of self-responsibility and self-accountability.

About Britta
Britta is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), a professional organization whose purpose is to “seek to enhance the effective functioning and well-being of individuals, families, and communities through its work and through its advocacy.” She upholds the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. For more information on the NASW, please visit Britta is also certified in the following:

Individual services and coaching programs consist of educational materials, weekly check-ins, and follow up coaching appointments to solidify newly learned information and concepts. Fees can be paid by check or credit card and must be paid prior to beginning any services or program.

If, at any time, you (the client) feel that your needs are not being met or you are not getting what you want out of the program and/or coaching time together, please tell Britta so we can discuss your needs and adjust accordingly. Unless you (the Client) advise Britta, she will assume your needs were met and what you wanted out of the program and sessions was achieved.

Coaching appointments are provided as a part of all programs. They can be done either by telephone or online. Services are scheduled at mutually convenient times for both Britta and the client. All days and times will be designated and confirmed ahead of time, or will be scheduled on an ongoing basis as needed. You must give 48 hours prior notice if you need to cancel or change the time of any appointment, otherwise you will be charged for the appointment in full. Britta will make reasonable efforts to reschedule appointments, which are canceled in a timely manner. Either party may end the online relationship at any time, by giving written, email, or verbal communication of their desire to end.

Non-Refundable Policy
Upon execution of this contract, any payment or deposit made for any program and/or service described herein shall be non-refundable after seven (7) business days from the date payment is received. You have six (6) months from the date of purchase to schedule appointments. Any appointments not scheduled within that period of time, without reasonable cause, will be forfeited.

Britta is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), licensed in the states of Indiana and Florida. She adheres to her social work licensure regarding confidentiality even though this contract is for coaching services only, and not therapy. She will only release information with your written permission, or if she is required to do so by a court order. And, in the event she complies with a lawful request for information you will defend, indemnify and hold her harmless from any losses or claims arising out of the lawful disclosure.

As a licensed clinical social worker, Britta must adhere to reporting laws. These situations rarely occur in coaching services, however, if such a situation does occur, she will make every effort to discuss it with the client before taking any action.

That being said, during the course of your coaching services, you may discuss with Britta anything you feel is necessary to assist in meeting your needs, including past or future plans, personal and professional history and struggles, and any other private information. Britta will not voluntarily communicate this information to a third party.

Coaching vs. Psychotherapy
There are some similarities between coaching and psychotherapy, but Britta does not combine psychotherapy with coaching. She sees these as separate roles and separate conversations. Although both coaching and psychotherapy use knowledge of human behavior, motivation, behavioral change, and interactive counseling techniques, there are major differences in the goals, focus, and level of responsibility. In some situations, Britta may recommend that you enter psychotherapy (with another psychotherapist or counselor) as a condition of continuing online coaching services. And you are solely responsible for making the decision to seek this mental health care.

Professional Boundaries
Coaching is a professional relationship and Britta will maintain professional boundaries during and after your work together. Considerable experience shows that when boundaries blur, the hard-won benefits gained from the coaching relationship are endangered.

In order to honor and protect all educational and informational materials shared during our sessions, the client agrees not to disclose or communicate information about these materials or methods to any third parties without express permission. Any breach or anticipated breach will cause irreparable harm to Coach and Client agrees to the entry of injunctive relief in addition to any other claims for damages or remedies and will waive the posting of any injunction bond. Britta will also protect any client materials and/or personal and business information that may be discussed.

Informed Consent
Online services with Britta are designed to help you enhance and improve all aspects of your life, both personal and professional by sharing educational information, coping skills, tips and strategizing, brainstorming, goal setting and planning. Your specific progress is based on your ability to implement the plan you develop and any and all situations that may affect your goals; as such, coaching offers no guarantees of your progress.

Hold Harmless
In her role as a provider of coaching and online services, Britta may make suggestions, offer advice, resources, and recommendations for her clients. But each client assumes sole responsibility to decide what actions to take regarding his/her goals and aspirations. Clients hereby state that all information shared with Britta for the purposes of these online services is true and correct, to the best of his or her ability, and agree to hold Britta harmless from any misrepresentation of information as well as taking responsibility for their part in helping meet his or her desired goals. Clients will indemnify and hold Britta Neinast harmless from any legal claims, actions, or judgments.

Limitation of Liability
Client agrees that Coach’s liability under this agreement is limited to the amount Client has paid to Coach.

Client agrees not to disparage or make negative statements about Coach or Coach’s services.

Governing Law
This Agreement is formed in Indiana where Coach maintains her principal place of business and as such the Agreement and any and all disputes arising hereunder shall be governed by Indiana law without regard to its choice of law or conflict of law principles.

Dispute Resolution
Porter County is the county in which Coach maintains her principal place of business and shall be the exclusive venue and jurisdiction for any and all disputes between Coach and Client. In the event of a dispute, all disputes shall be resolved by binding arbitration in Porter County and the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the non-prevailing party all of its attorney’s fees and costs.

Hiring Britta as your coach signals agreement with this coaching contract. This is the entire agreement between Coach and Client; it supersedes all other negotiations and discussions prior to the execution of this agreement. Client agrees that no other representations have been made by Coach to induce Client into entering into this agreement and no modification to the terms of this agreement shall be effective unless in writing signed by both parties.