Being Brave with Britta

Celebrating Women who Faced Fear and Did it Anyway

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You’ll love these inspiring stories of women who felt a deep need to do something crazy scary and downright amazing because they went against the grain of what others thought they “should” do, and did it anyway.

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Episode Title: Imagine arriving at work and the doors are closed

Episode Description:

You work for a company for years, give your all, are promised security, and think they will take care of you. Then one day, you show up for work and the doors are locked shut. What would you do? If this happened to you or someone you know, today’s episode will really hit home

Episode Title: Did you once feel safe with your husband but then it all changed?

Episode Description:

Imagine you are happily married for over a decade and you have 5 children together. Then your husband begins to change. He becomes abusive and over time, you are actually afraid of him. What do you do? In today’s episode, Marcia shares your story of how her husband changed and how she found the courage to eventually left.

Episode Title: Do you feel like you were meant for something different?

Episode Description:

When you instinctively know you have a higher calling to go against the grain and do something different in the world, you can’t help but follow it.

Today’s episode was a fun conversation with Eline Van Audenaerde about her own journey to do something different.

Episode Title: Do you struggle with a chronic illness and often feel misunderstood?

Episode Description:

Chronic illness, especially when it’s not easily understood or even rare, can be hard.

Others don’t understand you or worse, you don’t understand what’s happening.

How do you cope?

Join today with Montana Fairchild, where she shares her challenge with chronic illness and what she’s doing about it.

Episode Title: Have you ever had a gut feeling about a guy but stayed in the relationship too long?

Episode Description:

If this happened to you, you’re not alone.

Join us today where Olivia Cook shares her story of a relationship gone bad and what she learned from it.

Episode Title: Are you business owner that struggled because of COVID?

Episode Description:

Imagine you’re a business owner and COVID happens. Suddenly, you have no customers. What do you do?

If this happened to you, then today’s episode will hit home as Mary Harcourt shares her journey to success after COVID.

Episode Title: Did you have poor role models growing up and fear passing them down to your  children?

Episode Description:

We want to give our children best. The last thing we want is to pass along unhealthy things we learned.

Today we have Heidi, who shares her journey to break the cycle of destructive family patterns and not passing them on to her daughter.

Episode Title: How intimate and fulfilling is your relatiosnhip?

Episode Description:

WARNING: The content of today’s episode is not suitable for all audiences. Discretion is advised. Do you struggle to feel intimately connected in all areas, emotional, physical, and sexual? Today, we will delve into the topic of deeper intimacy and why so many women and couples struggle in this area.

Episode Title: Are you a mother of a teen?

Episode Description:

Your teen is growing up and trying to be independent but still has so much to learn. Do you find yourself struggling on how best to communicate with your teen when there’s a problem?

Today we’re celebrating Elvera DiBrigit who took the brave step to go out in the middle of the night, find her teenage daughter, and bring her back home.

This ended up creating a stronger bond between them.

Episode Title: Have you ever thought of packing your bags and just moving across country?

Episode Description:

Where you feel the impulse to go on an adventure and live somewhere else.

But then some part of you gets realistic and you stop yourself?

Today we celebrate Jenny for her brave step in doing that very thing.

Episode Title: Roller Coaster Relationships and How to Get Off

Episode Description:

Are you struggling in a roller coaster relationship?

You know the kind, where when it’s good, it’s really good but when it’s bad, it’s worse.

Today, Ana Ruiz shares her brave story of being in a chaotic relationship and finally walking away forever.

Episode Title: Welcome to being brave with Britta where we celebrate women who faced fear and did it anyway.

Episode Description:

You know, it’s statistically shown that men only need to be about 30% sure of themselves and they’re willing to put themselves out there and try something. Women need to be 80 to 90% sure and even then, they still self doubt. If That sounds like you. It’s common. Be sure to join, where we have a growing community of women who are learning to dissolve their fear, their self doubt, and their fear of being misunderstood, so they can create more meaningful connections in their lives.